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Bowen Therapy Havelock North with Louise
Freedom To Move

Welcome!  If you have heard about this technique from someone, chances are they did not know how to describe it.

You are here, hopefully because you are curious about finding a solution to your ailments or you hope it can help someone you know.

The answer is yes.  The very young to very old find their body relaxes and changes how it holds.  It is an entirely unique system of  neuromusclular repatterning that works primarily with the nervous system.  Trust in the technique, walk away knowing that the body will now do a lot more following the session.  You may exclaim "I did not know it was possible!"

The Bowen Technique


Bowen Technique - using Western and Eastern medicine knowledge.

Influencing acupuncture points creating an effect on the channels to various organs,

also creating sensations in the client that help Louise understand what meridians are affected and need attention.

Gentle muscle rolling moves that send messages deep into the body that has the potential

to create change  that you may feel immediately or in the following days.

A Technique that helps to get the nervous system out of the fight/flight mode. 

Specific muscle activation releases that have your joints and muscles moving more freely

The pelvic release or Hamstring release protocol that makes you feel like you are walking on air

A very enjoyable, relaxing technique, more so than a massage some do say.

Louise provides individualized exercise plans made 

through physi-track to support your recovery.

Bowen Therapy Havelock North

Freedom to Move - Bowen Therapy with Louise is a well established and respected  practitioner.  Louise offers a comprehensive Bowen Therapy practice in Hastings.  Treatment is varied to meet the goals and needs of the client and thus provide the best possible care; encompassing not just the physical, but mental and emotional wellbeing. As well as helping people with Back Pain issues, Louise frequently helps people with sciatica, pelvic pain, Shoulder and rotator cuff issues, as well as neck pain and headaches, poor sleep and fatigue.  Freedom to Move - Bowen Therapy with Louise, is a fully licensed and insured practitioner.  Louise is proud to be a leading Bowen Therapy provider with Bowen Therapy New Zealand.

Work place wellness - Get in touch, your workers can benefit from Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy Havelock North

Bowen Therapy can be beneficial in a wide range of situations. It can assist recovery from many conditions, from traumatic injury to chronic illness.  The speed of recovery is also dependent upon each individual’s capacity to heal.

 Bowen Therapy 

Faster recovery following injury, concussions, and surgery.

Puts the Body Back In Balance allowing it to function at a higher level.

Deep Body Relaxation

Improving symptoms of Anxiety, Insomnia, Migraines

 Lymphatic drainage and more

Bowen Therapy Havelock North

My clinic times can be organized to suit you, since I do work from home.  I do also do appointments in rest homes.  Sitting treatments are also very effective when clients cannot lie down.  Please call or text to book your appointment, or find the booking page.  Invest in keeping your body working for you.  Even if you do not have any discomfort or unease, just think of getting a regular tune-up.  People are surprised when they feel better than they already did.  Some feel so much better after their first session, that they think another session will not do much more, but then they are pleasantly surprised.

I am committed to providing my clients with the best possible care and help them achieve their wellness goals.