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Students benefit from Bowen Therapy

Improving physical and mental wellbeing

Bowen Therapy helps people of all ages.  When it comes to our teenagers, the rewards of the therapy can be numerous.  With the stress of study, staying alert is important.  With long hours spent in front of a device the neck and back can feel strain.  Sleep can be helped, as well as the body in general.  Bowen Therapy is a great way to allow your teenager to zone out, and have a full body reboot.  Louise is experienced in a number of assessment techniques, and ensures that each person gets what they need to feel a whole lot better straight away.

The gentle touch rolling moves are mainly over ligaments and muscles at specific points that are often over acupuncture points.  Most sense a deep relaxation to the area, others feel warming or tingling.  The moves are applied in sets, with 2-4 minute pauses that allow the body to react.  The technique activates the bodies innate healing response.  In doing so, the body is sent into repair mode.  Improvement often continues days after the session has finished.

Students have remarked how they do not feel so foggy brained in the morning, they have more energy, the body does not feel stiff.  Those that felt imbalanced now feel they can stand straighter and feel grounded.

Louise teaches postural reminders and sends out exercises through the app physi-trackto help individuals on their recovery journey.

Bowen therapy generally takes up to an hour.  Booking online is easy by connecting on my website.

Student rates $50