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Innovations in recovery of concussion

USA, England and Canada are ahead of the game when it comes to gaining great results in a shorter period of time.  Bowen Therapists have been uterlizing the Bowen technique concussion protocol for many years now in these places.

The typical adverse result of concussion 

  • Mish-Mash of physical, mental and conscious imbalances:

  • Disturbs consciousness

  • Disrupts physical function

  • Disturbs the critical co-ordination of the two

With concussion research has shown that there is an increase in neurotransmitters Glutamate, Potassium, and calcium (affects the blood flow to the brain which when reduced creates an energy crises) that are released, some of which come back to baseline in minutes, however Calcium can take days to normalise.  During this time, the brain works over time to restore chemical balance.  (You must have cognitive and physical rest post concussion) - how ever there is less oxygen, glucose and blood flow available to help in the healing process.

Bowen Therapy activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which essentially takes the body out of the sympathetic phase where the system is still in flight, fright or freeze.  It enhances blood flow and helps to regulate cellular homeostasis and metabolic equilibrium, thereby reducing the recovery time.  On average concussions heal themselves within 10 days, but this is not always the case.  Many individuals wait weeks or months for their body to return to its baseline.  Bowen Therapy speeds up the recovery phase.

Acute cases will likely need 1-3 Bowen sessions, 5 days apart

Chronic cases will likely need 4-12 sessions.  Book first 3 5  days apart then rest 7-10 days apart.

Bowen Therapy Havelock North - Louise Parkin.  Contact Louise for more information.

Concussion in Sport

Bowen Therapy should be considered for concussion that happens during sport.  Individuals who have had concussion are 4 x more likely to suffer with concussion on another occasion