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Back Pain

Back pain is the leading cause of days off work.  Taking pain killers to help keep moving or help you sleep, is like a temporary band aid.  Not reviewing what has happened to your body over time that has you in this way will be compounding the problem and creating others, including fatigue, stress, perhaps anger and irritability.

Louise practices Bowen Therapy.  This most incredible technique that has your tensions melting away with gentle moves over muscles ligaments, nerves and joints. In her practice as part of the assessment into where the sustained muscle spasms are she looks at your posture and ability to move and rotate.  What your pelvis is doing in a standing position and a sitting position.  Is it elevated on one side standing, but changes to even when sitting or does the hip ride up even higher on the same side, or does the opposite hip elevate when sitting.  This all gives glues to what muscles are creating the tensions and uneven body positions.  That is only a few of the tests that are carried out.

This is then assessed after the Bowen work where you see and feel the difference usually immediately.  But it will be noted that some areas are not ready to release yet, and 5-10 days is needed to give the body time to facilitate changes from the session, before more input of bowen work is given to the body. 

BOWEN WORK involves many protocols, but only a few are used in each session, otherwise the changes do not occur as well over the days of rest before the next session.

It is important to have a session about 1 week apart for 3 sessions to really have the body responding well and holding the changes.

Louise provides video exercises to help you in your recovery.

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