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Bowen Therapy in Havelock North.  What to expect?

You will feel at ease in my light and airy clinic space set up adjacent to the entrance inside my home.  I like to sit you down and talk with you.  Sometimes I will help you understand why you are not feeling right by taking you in front of a mirror and showing how your body is  holding you in imbalance, and sometimes with rotation in pelvic area or shoulders, and also the tilt of your head.  Most sessions will be up to an hour long.  Your body is likely to have layers of tension, and  each Bowen session peals back a few layers at a time.   The first session often brings the most dramatic change.  Do not be surprised by my focus away from the site of pain.  Your body shows me where the primary sustained muscle spasms are that are holding you out of balance.

It’s not uncommon for clients to fall into a state of deep relaxation during treatment.. Many even fall asleep.  when it is known what to expect..  With further sessions: clients really feel the benefit of the stretch release procedures done for the lower and mid back, pelvis and shoulders.  It is in the last two years that my sessions have become based on structural and spinal dural drag assessments, including what I sense is happening under my finger tips, and sensing tissue tensions, and the effectiveness of the bowen work done.
Every person has their own experience.  Not one persons experience is exactly the same.

It is not unusual for some people to have a detox reaction which may include a headache, and general muscle aches or flu like symptoms for 24-48 hours.

Specialized work is needed at times to create big shifts and that requires very specific activation moves followed with a rest period of 10-20 minutes. 

  • Recommended 3 sessions one week apart to feel great change.  Long term conditions are likely to need more sessions but usually fortnightly after the initial 3 -4 sessions.

  • Taking deep breaths in and out during the treatment helps the body relax, and a more profound response is often experienced, as your focus is on you and your mind is less likely to wonder off outside the room.

  • Assessments undertaken to establish change and areas needing treatment

  • Precise light moves made on and around and between muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves, there are at times pleasant sensations that go on for a while.

  • Specialised activation work is sometimes needed to gain a big shift or a whole body response

  • Expect to gain a deep sense of relaxation and release of tension.

  • Effective for acute or chronic conditions, work or sport injuries or medical conditions.

  • Does not require same amount of treatments as many other modalities

  • Exercises that help the work done to maintain the freedom and gain better balanced muscles.

  • You will be encouraged to allow me to follow you up in 10 weeks.

Can Bowen Therapy Help me?

Bowen Therapy helps with many conditions. 

 I could try to name all the conditions that Bowen Therapy has had very good results with.  I recently I have been asked frequently, does Bowen Therapy help with plantar fascitis?  Yes Bowen Therapy does.

Most gain full recovery.  Therapists also use strapping to help with the recovery of a number of foot and knee and wrist conditions.  

Backpain, Neck pain, shoulder pain, Shoulder restriction.  Limb swelling, problems with circulation, Buttock pain, Sciatica, Tennis elbow, Hamstring strain, Migraines, headaches. Insomnia, Period pain, constipation, shortness of breath. Stiffness in neck shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, midback.  Arthritis symptoms.

It is a joy when I get messages saying "this is the best I have felt in years"


Who is Bowen Therapy suitable for?

The Bowen Technique is suitable for all ages.


How long is a treatment ?​

The first session may take up to 55 minutes, as additional time is taken to  understand your situation, take a detailed history and conduct assessments.– subsequent treatments may take 30 -55 minutes.

What should I wear ?​

Please ensure clothing is loose. Stretchy jeans or tight/slippery clothing may result in a much less effective treatment.

How much is a session ?​

Adults $80                      Double booking 2 persons at same time $120

Children 0-14 $40

Students 15-19 $50

Payment is accepted by bank transfer or cash.

How many treatments would I need ?​

On average, most people see results within 1-3 sessions spaced out 5-10 days apart. While chronic problems may take longer to resolve, many feel immediate benefits, and enjoy maintenance sessions to keep their bodies attention on areas needing more change.  Some clients keep returning to keep their body in great shape and prevent  problems from returning.  

Bowen Therapy - for shoulders, neck and back pain.

 Bowen Therapy - to improve sport performance and injury recovery.

Bowen Therapy - for anxiety, insomnia, migraines, hayfever and more.