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Pilates - adding Bowen Therapy

Still in pain - add Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy could be your missing link of why you are continuing to feel discomfort no matter how many Pilates reformer alignment classes you attend.  Have a assessment done with Louise in Havelock North to see what is going on in your body that is holding you back from getting rid of your aches and pains.  Louise finds that once the muscle spasms have been released in sessions following the first session then the body keeps the improved alignment and balance.  Pilates after this then can be used to strengthen the newly improved balanced body.  The great thing is Louise helps you recognize what to look out for and do self check ups to see how aligned and balanced you are before you start your exercise, pilates or yoga routine.  If it is not correcting, then see Louise again for a quick body balance recovery session.

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Gain Freedom to Move

Love Bowen Therapy.  A Technique like no other!