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Bowen Therapy Havelock North: Freedom to Move with Louise Parkin.

Phone or text me 0223157879     or       Email me using the form below.

Bowen Therapy Havelock North:  Louise is happy to receive a text message with your Query.

Address: 24 Arataki Road, Havelock North

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Privacy statement.

Louise Parkin maintains confidentiality of all notes through the secure app cliniko.  No information will be given to third parties.  You will be asked in the intake form sent to you following your first booking whether you are happy to receive quarterly updates from Freedom to move.  You can cancel at anytime.

This website only collects number of visitors but no personal information.

Bowen Therapy Havelock North - Freedom to move.  

Bowen Therapy - for shoulders, neck and back pain.

Bowen Therapy Havelock North,  includes assessments to facilitate what Bowen moves are used in the session.

Bowen Therapy Havelock North - for anxiety, insomnia, migraines, hayfever and more.