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Chest tightness


Injuries can create different pains all over the body, and sometimes the body reacts weeks later, like in a whiplash.  Bowen Therapy works on your body as a whole, understanding that the site of pain is at times not where the work needs to be done.  Unbeknown to a client, her sternal area needed help and was only obvious when it was very tender on palpation.  Her Hip pain, lower back pain and thumb pain were gone after the first two sessions. Assessment led to alignment issues in the thoracic area. Now her discomfort was just in her midback close to her shoulder blade, and a tender area on her Right shoulder tip.  The general release moves followed by the Sternal procedure and her experiencing heat releasing below her clavicle and upper chest.  Getting up, she felt no upper back pain now and the shoulder was no longer sore.